How my story can bring your big idea to life

She listens more than she talks, gains trust through her genuine desire to learn about people and their work and how she can make it better together. Additionally, she was a reliable partner and trusted adviser to me, constantly teaching and pushing me to be my best self despite the fact that she was the one who reported to me. I was lucky to have a chance to work with her and hope I will again soon.
— Abigail Stewart-Kahn, Director of Community Education and Strategic Partnerships, Safe & Sound, San Francisco


Transitional moments demand a leap of faith, test your determination, and eventually define who you will become. 

I find those in-between stages to be incredibly fertile and full of possibility. I love turning grey areas into a vivid new reality.

I have my own series of transitions. Each twist and turn has deposited its wisdom. 

I have experience in non-profit program management, manufacturing project management, risk management, digital marketing, and storytelling. 

This large toolkit of experience lets me both hold your strategic vision and help you execute the details:

  • I synthesize your ideas into clear, actionable goals.

    • My early career as an engineer working on nuclear equipment sharpened my efficient, organized, detail-oriented, and analytical mind.

  • I define the path and help you take action to reach your goals.

    • While in engineering I discovered that I was a natural planner and collaborator. Turns out I can project manage just about anything, and build a great team along the way.

  •  I help you solidify your vision and work through overwhelming challenges.

    • When I moved into the non-profit sector, my empathy, authenticity, and vulnerability were key assets in growing partnerships and becoming a trusted thought partner during the volatility of a new program.

  • I use the power of story to help bring your vision alive for your audience.
    • I've also worked in storytelling and digital marketing. In all of my roles, I've seen how the stories we share can move individuals and organizations to take action.



Fun Facts

Motorcycles are my fav. Ask me about my adventures with Atlas and Chloe. 

I nerd out on personal development. I'm an INFP, what about you?

In 2011, I went on a solo backpacking adventure around the world for 17 months.
It's still one of the best decisions of my life (and how I met my husband)!