My full ghost writing portfolio includes email newsletters, white papers, book proposals and video scripts, as well as blog articles that have been on the Forbes blog and in the Harvard Business Review. To respect my clients' privacy, this content that I have ghostwritten is available privately, upon request.

Sherry is a brilliant, knowledgeable, and compassionate strategist and communications guru. She has assisted me with masterfully editing several high-stakes, time-sensitive documents over the past several months. Equally invaluably, she has also assisted me with holistically weaving the story of my unique personal and professional development path. Her input is always incredibly insightful, and I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— Loren Heinbach, Social Impact Consultant, Innovator, and Strategist

StartingBloc - Storytelling for Fundraising, Awareness, and Engagement

I’m seeing this story collection project as one of the core positives/initiatives of 2018.
— Kristine Sloane, CEO at StartingBloc

StartingBloc is a fellowship program that convenes, supports, and grows leaders from high-potential to high-impact. For this project I interview individuals to understand the role that the Fellowship played in their personal journey to creating positive impact in the world. Using the interviews I crafted Fellow profiles that StartingBloc uses to highlight their real-life impact for donors. This content is then broken down into social media content, blog content and community newsletters to connect current Fellows and inspire future Fellows.  Click to view closer. 

BollyWERK - Storytelling for Engagement

BollyWERK is a train-the-trainer community organizing framework that roots civic engagement in the joy of shared movement. For this project I crafted the most powerful narrative that captured the energy of the founder's vision. I also created the website to showcase that story to a growing audience.