Final Images: Sex-Positive Photo Project

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I've been working on a Gender and Sexuality Spectrum photo project for a few months now. It has pushed me into learning how to make the images in my head a reality and also into taking action on the issues I care a lot about.

This series of photos touch on the idea of sex-positivity and also the privilege that comes with even being able to utter those words.

I hope this project spurs open, genuine and non-judgemental discussion. Why is it so hard to discuss our own human sexuality - a very natural, healthy and beautiful part of our lives? What happens globally when we don't talk about? What would happen if we did? How do varying degrees of privilege play into this?

I know we couldn't address every intersection of these issues for this deadline. We are human and also beginners in creating work like this. That said, I hope for and welcome constructive critique to help produce better images in this series and others in the future.

This series is only a small piece of a much larger project. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with these artists (Erika, Angel and Clay) to have brought this project to life! Thank you to all the models, behind the scenes help, Diva Nation Camp, NIMBY in Oakland for the space, and my fiance for moral support. It was an incredible experience for me!

If you feel compelled to support these photographs, this project or general awareness for this issue, please consider contributing to our indiegogo campain. Every dollar helps!

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