Water Photo Project

Almost a year ago I worked on a project with three friends Alena, Carolina and Erika. We wanted to create images that reflected the sadness and ultimate loss of clean water. I enjoyed finding the location, prepping for it and then having the shoot. I learned the following: 

  • Time flexibility: Get everyone there at the same time, earlier than anticipated and clear the whole day in everyone's schedules. Expect something to go wrong with transportation! Delays change the natural lighting.
  • Improve location prep: I found the site and took photos of it much earlier than the shoot. I should have really looked at those images full screen on my computer to see what distractions were in the background. This would have helped me to consider better angles. 
  • Help is awesome: Carolina was an extra set of hands and eyes on the shoot. It made all the difference in allowing me to get into the flow. 
  • Be prepare for weather extremes: The day started cloudy and got hotter as the sun rose as expected. Later though, the sun disappeared in the clouds for the rest of the afternoon. Our team was way too cold to keep going. 
  • Posing: Coaching a model and thinking about the photo is hard work and I need more practice. 

In the end, I was happy what we created, but not so happy with my own vision and captures. I also did want to learn how to do compositing with these photos, so I might try to use them that way.

Always learning!

See the four best shots here: Wasting Women and Water Project