My first time working with models!

So for July I'm working on an art project for a friend's Burning Man camp! I'm so excited because it will be dealing with gender and sexuality. I'm also a nervous wreck because it will be around 14 pictures with a wide variety of real live human models.

This has prompted me to finally make the jump to find models to practice with. I'd like to eventually practice together with a mixed group of makeup artists, models, costumers and hairstylists.

So a friend of mine connected me to Jess and her sister Bri. They were so fun and open to work with. None of us had really done this before, so we just went for it!

It was such a great learning experience for me. I learned just how much direction I needed to provide (which is tougher than I imagined!), just how much time I can have a model hold a pose (not very long) and so much more about controlling my lighting (especially ambient light). I also learned it would be helpful to have a mirror to work on posing and more fans because my space gets really hot in the afternoon.

All in all though, I thought getting around 30 good shots for the first time around wasn't that bad. Here are a few of my faves: