More Practice with Models

In preparation for a large photo project, I have been working with friends as practice models. Thankfully, I have people in my life that are willing to be photographed and also help me learn. I learned about working with my backdrop and lighting, in addition to a little about posing.

I still need much more practice in working with models. I've never actively had a model in my shots, but after three sessions with models I definitely want to do this more! It is incredibly enjoyable, dynamic and adds such a great connecting element to pictures.

You can see my first time working with models Jess and Bri here.

Next I had my coworkers and the most gorgeous pair of best friends, Betty and Kyle. Working with these two was fun, and their lightheartedness kept the pressure off. I was able to practice using my flash more, and also learn a few poses for men and couples. Thanks Kyle and Betty!

The weekend after that I worked with my coworker Paul and his wife Melissa. They both wanted headshots and Melissa especially wanted some fun and cute couple shots. I've never done this before, but had a great time learning. Thank you both!